Know yourself, feel better

I help people to feel better through knowing themselves more deeply.

I specialise in working with neurodivergent clients and their loved ones; clients who have experienced traumas and difficulties; and clients who are feeling unfulfilled, lost and stuck in their lives. You may read that list and not be sure if you really fit into any of those. Perhaps as you read them you thought 'my childhood wasn't that bad'; 'trauma is too strong a word'; 'I have felt lost and out of place my whole life, but I don't have ADHD or Autism'. In my 11 years of working with therapy clients and the 7 years I worked in mental health before that, this must be the most common thing I have heard - people reducing, minimising or even qualifying the difficult experiences they have had. Fear not, I am not looking to blame your parents! They may have genuinely done the best they could, but it doesn't mean that you got what you needed. Therapy is the place to work through this and any other difficult or conflicting feelings you may have.


I am also passionate about seeing the strengths in my clients and reducing the medicalisation and stigmatisation that you may have already encountered. Therapy is a non-judgemental place and I believe whole heartedly in that. We exist within our context and if you are struggling with a world that is not designed for or supportive of you, I'm not here to tell you to 'simply try harder'. Wouldn't it be great if that's 'all' that was needed. It's just not true. I know how hard you are already trying.
So, if you have hobbies or beliefs that are a bit out there and others have shamed you for it, that will not happen here.
If you want to tell me that the patriarchy is crushing your gentle spirit, I hear you.
If you need to express that you're exhausted with worry for the state of the planet, I get it.
If you want to explore or use your spiritual beliefs to support your wellbeing, I'm in.
If you need me to get that your cultural, gender, or sexual identity impacts how others see or treat you, I'm there.

I know life can be so much more for you and I am all in on helping you realise that reality. I can't tell you that this journey will be easy and there may well be tears along the way, but I can also tell you that there will be laughter (it is truly the best medicine) and support and appreciation and respect. Invest in yourself now and it will pay off.

Are you all in on helping yourself?