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If you or someone you care about are struggling with any aspects of life counselling may just be the thing to help.

People to counselling for a all different kinds of reasons and sometimes they aren't even quite sure why, they just have a deep sense of unease and discontent. The most common thing I have heard in my practice is "it wasn't that bad" or "other people have had it worse". So many people carry this deep shame for not being able to 'get on with it' or for struggling with big emotions when they perceive their struggles to be less worthy than others. The truth is, if you're struggling with anything then it is worthy of time and attention to explore, understand and heal from. There will be no judgement in the counselling room, I will accept you as you are and sometimes this is the most powerful thing of all.

I chose to train as an Integral Therapist because I believe that different people and different issues need different models of therapy. I generally start the therapy journey in a person-centred way, meaning I will listen to you and respond appropriately to what I'm hearing. However, I like to work in a much more dynamic way and can use a variety of interventions and activities. I love to work in the way that suits my clients best, for some this is working with metaphors or imagery, for some it is talk through the situations as they arise, or maybe writing is easiest for you and we can work via email.

I am committed to further training and have gone on to complete training which enhances my practice, such as creative therapies and online therapy. I am also a Senior Accredited member of the National Counselling Society.

I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples. I run mindfulness and wellbeing groups for children and adults, and will be adding workshops for Parenting for Connection. I am also a supervisor for counsellors and other non clinical professionals.

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