Counselling I offer ...

Counselling is for everyone that wants to understand themselves more and feel better. Counselling is so helpful for working through deep painful traumas; learning to cope with the stressful every days; and building towards self-actualisation.

There are so many types of therapy, and my core modality is Integral Training. I specifically chose Integral Therapy as I really liked the emphasis on using different therapies for different issues. I passionately believe that there is not 'one' right way for all and that's why I bring different types of therapy and interventions to my work. I also know how crucial context is for counselling work. This context encompasses so much, such as generational trauma; eco concerns; experiences of everyday or specific instances of sexism/ racism/ homophobia/ transphobia/ ableism. When context isn't considered or addressed, therapists can actually miss the client's nuanced experience and needs.


Online Individual Sessions

I offer individual sessions for anyone age 11+ via Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime. These are secure platforms that I have been using since 2017 when I trained as a Certified Cyber Therapist. We can use these platforms with or without video, whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

I work with clients from all over the UK, Europe and Australia. If you are outside of these regions please do contact me and we can discuss if I am able to support your journey.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length, and I really like working in a flexible way. We don't have to have a session every week and I don't often offer sessions at the same time every week. My clients often return for a one off or a few sessions because they appreciate having that safe knowing place to return to. I am always so humbled and delighted to offer that place.

Children & Adolescents

While I am currently working solely online, I am not working with any new child clients under the age of 11. If I have previously worked with your child and they are under 11 but you feel that they can work online, please do contact me and we can discuss our options.
If you are 11+ I am so glad you are here and looking at ways to take care of your wellbeing. I have been lucky enough to work with some truly wonderful and inspiring young people that have and continue to teach me so much. I'm not a mind reader but I'll bet you discounted yourself as inspiring and I'll also bet you're not seeing yourself how others will and do. My hope for you is that by working with me you will see the brilliance I know is there. Being brave enough to be here, exploring ways to feel better, is inspiring. If you don't really want to work online for any reason, I do offer walk & talk sessions (please see below).
Parents: I am so glad you are here too, and I also know how worried and concerned you might be. I am again humbled by the families that entrust their young people to me and I don't take that on lightly. My aim is always to work in partnership with the young person and their families to work towards the outcome the young person wants for themselves. I will respect and protect your child's privacy and confidentiality, creating an environment which they can feel safe and supported in. There are times when it can be so helpful for us to meet either with or without your young person - at their choice. These meetings can be helpful for me to help you all understand each other more; to support the communication between you both; or to help give guidance and support on how to manage situations at home.
I also offer Parent Coaching which may be of interest.


Walk & Talk Sessions

Growing up in Birmingham I know just how lucky I am to now live in one of the greenest counties in England. Not only do we have green spaces, but we are also so close to the coast - which will forever feel like a luxury after growing up in a large city. Nature is such therapy in itself - I know that it may not always feel like that when there are so many variables you can't control! But if you enjoy being outside, I offer Walk & Talk sessions based in Layer de la Haye Colchester. We have the option of walking through the village woods, along the reservoir wall, through Abberton Reservoir or along the coast in East Mersea. I have less availability for these sessions, but I will always try to offer them as frequently as possible. Sessions are 50 minutes and only offered to individual clients.

Online Couple Sessions

Couple counselling can be between partners, adult siblings, or adult children and their parent. These sessions are 60 minutes in length, and I usually use Zoom for them. I work with couples in a similar way to individual clients, supporting your individual processes. However, because I am working with the relationship our focus for the work is more explicit - so we may be focused on improving your communication; resolving relationship difficulties or early trauma; or working on confident and effective coparenting. If I identify further specific individual needs, I may recommend attending individual counselling with a different therapist.