For the professionals ...

I have been lucky enough to be supported by some great professionals throughout my career and I have also been unfortunate enough to come across some less that supportive or professional supervisors. I think this is one of the reasons that I became a supervisor. I have a very clear vision of what I need from my supervision, and I want to offer that to others.
I am also just so passionate about therapy and its transformative ability. I want to impart my knowledge and experience onto other professionals and help them to reach their full potential as individuals and as therapist.
I have a huge respect for our profession, and I want to ensure that people are working professionally and appropriately with their clients. That they are seeking to uncover their blind spots and shadow material for their benefit and that of their clients. When we do this extremely difficult work, we deserve to have supervisors that have and are also doing this work; supervisors that are supportive and trusting of us; supervisors that gently challenge us and encourage us to grow and expand.

This is who I am as a supervisor.

In my supervision I attend to four main areas - educative; authoritative; supportive; and therapeutic. It is incredibly important to me that my supervisees feel supported in their supervision. This allows you the positive space to explore difficult and challenging experiences within the counselling room. You do not have to be the perfect therapist; you do not need to have all of the answers; and you do not have to get it right all of the time. When we have ruptures in therapy, though difficult and challenging, we have such a wonderful opportunity to repair with our clients and to model how to navigate challenges.

We are all human and we all err. You should never be afraid to bring this to your supervision.

I am generous with my time, knowledge, and training. I am passionate about expanding my own practice and I feel I offer this energy and excitement to my supervisees. I focus on offering a flexible and supportive supervision experience. We can work together on a 1:1 basis, in a group or a mixture of both.

Clinical Supervision
Clinical Supervision
Clinical Supervision

Who I Work With

My Supervision Specialisms are:
⭐️ Therapists working in Private Practice
⭐️ Neurodivergent therapists
⭐️ Therapists working with neurodivergence
⭐️ Therapists who have had challenging or negative experiences in supervision

Newly qualified and trainee counsellors are welcome.

I can supervise your practice with children, adolescents, adults, couples and consultative supervision (supervision or supervision).

I have experience supervising therapists working in schools, colleges, universities, charities, private organisations, private practice, and solely working with EAP clients.

Although I am now a Senior Accredited Registrant Member of the NCS my core training was BACP Accredited and I was a member of theirs for many years. I can support you through your accreditation with either the BACP or NCS. I also work with trainee counsellors.

Clinical Supervision
Clinical Supervision
Clinical Supervision

The Details

I offer a free 20 minutes or so on Zoom, so that we can meet and see if we feel that we might be the right fit for each other or for the group sessions. If we decide to work together, I suggest that we contract for 3 months initially to give us time to get to know each other, after which, all being well, we will continue on a rolling monthly contract.

1:1 Supervision:
Most of my supervisees meet with me every month for 90 minutes but I like to be as flexible as possible. I am happy to be your main supervisor or an additional supervisor for specific needs. If I am not your main supervisor, I am happy to negotiate the length of session per month that would best suit your needs or meet less frequently by prior agreement. I offer session lengths of 45, 60, or 90 minutes by prior agreement.

Group Supervision:
I run a Friday evening supervision group for neurodivergent practitioners only. This group will run once a month and be up to 3 hours long dependant on participant numbers. There will be a max number of 10 participants. All modalities and students welcome. Self diagnosis & all forms of neurodivergence welcome. Contact me for more details.


1:1 Supervision: £62 per hour

Neurodivergent Group Supervision: £30 for up to 2 hours

I also offer Private Practice Coaching from £65 per hour.