For peace of mind ...

Are you wondering if you may have ADHD? Have you seen the clips or the memes or the posts on social media and feel that it resonates with you? Is there a lingering doubt? Perhaps people around you have scoffed at the idea, or you're too embarrassed about even raising it. Perhaps you can't remember what you were like as a child so are not 100% sure if you meet the criteria. Perhaps you aren't even sure what the criteria is. Perhaps you want some reassurance that a professional agrees with you. Getting an official diagnosis is a long and if accessing privately an expensive process.
I offer a screening that can help you assess if this is something you are experiencing in your life. This screening is not an official diagnosis and is unlikely to be accepted by educational institutions or the NHS. However, it may be accepted by some understanding employers which may enable you to request the appropriate accommodations.

Although I can't give you an official diagnosis, I can go through a screening with you to help you understand yourself more and give you the benefit of my experience.

  • I can tell you if I feel it is likely you have ADHD or not.
  • I can tell you if you meet the official criteria or not.
  • I can work with you to explore some accommodations that you can request from your school, university, employer or even your family to make your life easier
ADHD Screening
ADHD Screening
ADHD Screening

I honestly believe that self-diagnosis is 100% valid. You do not need me or anyone else to tell you what you do intuitively know about yourself, but I also fully understand why you might want that. I understand why you might want someone with knowledge, understanding and training to confirm what you are already thinking.

This screening may be enough for you, or it may give you the confidence to approach your GP or a private clinical and go through the formal diagnosis. If you feel that medication would be beneficial to you, a formal diagnosis will be necessary.

ADHD Screenings are 90 minutes in length and will be via a secure online platform. You do not have to be in therapy with more or have counselling sessions after this screening. You are very welcome to have a safe person with you during this screening if that would help you to feel more comfortable.